Rayvon Reynolds: The Entrepreneur

If you know me personally, you're agree that entrepreneurial activity played a very big part in my life. I've been a serial entrepreneur since my early 20's with success in healthcare, new product development, patents, consumer packaged goods, franchising, scaling up plus a few failures within that mix.

I got hammered badly after I transitioned full time to female in 2000. My life pretty much fell apart in every aspect of my existence. I ended up "homeless" at one juncture during that journey.
That experience was an eye opener and was intensified further when I tried staying a night at a shelter but was turned away because of the "bathroom" issue for trans people. Most definitely a low point in my journey.

How I learned to stay focused and positive near the bottom of this odyssey continues to drive my success to this day.


I'm presently knee deep into a biotech venture in Atlanta, GA. I'm completely hands-on at this stage of the venture but it appears we're about to sprout wings and grow more quickly. Like most entrepreneurial ventures, we almost failed more than once since inception. I'm getting too old for this sort of insanity.

This will be my last entrepreneurial venture with me in a "hands on" role. I have other priorities and objectives I hope to fulfill before my days are numbered.

I’m also presently an active investor in a number of single tenant commercial real estate locations.


Previously, I co-founded the Woolite Drycleaner’s Secret brand of at-home cleaning kits - that company was sold in 2012. This product was distributed nationally in places like Walmart, Costco, Publix, etc. I was involved not only building a new brand: but helping forge a new category, as well.


Before that, I co-founded one of the singles highest dollar volume retail dry-cleaning stores in the United States that was located in Atlanta, Georgia. Finding a pathway to break free of the traditional $200,000 / year sales typical dry-cleaning paradigm into a store with singular site in excess of $3 million per annum was one of the most challenging journeys in my life.


I also served as president of Moby Dick Seafood Restaurants national company - gaining valuable experience in multi-unit operations and development plus franchising. Moby Dick was the nation’s fourth largest fast-seafood chain at that time.

Rayvon Reynolds: In the News


I was highlighted in a weeklong series about USA entrepreneurs that included media magnate Mort Zuckerman and Apple cofounder Steve Wozinack and I've been profiled in magazines like
Forbes & Success.

Most recently, I was included in a book published by WIT Women in Technology) profiling Georgia's top fifty women in technology. Generally, I steer clear of publicity unless its essential to my company's increased valuation prospects: I prefer my privacy.

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Rayvon Reynolds: The Artist

Art - is most aptly defined as a "manifestation of human expression". It's commonly exhibited via film, by voice, musical instrument, on canvas - you know the drill. From a traditional art-sense: I create found-object sculpture - a newfound pleasure I unearthed from my experience in the world of art. However, my best art is produced from my life activities, passions and interest. I call myself a "living artist" - indeed: living…is my art My favorite forms of "living art" are detailed in the Artistic Passions Section of this website. My artistic passions include: art collecting, cosplay, magic, fashion & transgenderism.

Rayvon Reynolds: The Inventor

I hold eleven patents - almost all directly related to the process of cleaning “dry clean only” clothes at home in a household clothes dryer.


Additionally, I've driven the development of three new game-changing medical patents in my newest healthcare venture.

Developed skill in identifying patentable approaches to product design and utility.

Never envisioned myself an “inventor” earlier in my entrepreneurial career. I dealt with inventors in prior ventures - coddled their often unrealistic expectations: exhausting. I eventually embraced technology development and new patent creation as an essential entrepreneurial skill. When the dry cleaning industry faced mounting environmental regulations in the early 1990’s, I procured alternative cleaning solvents for the industry. During this process, I created a methodology for consumers to clean “dry clean only” clothing at home - in a household clothing dryer. Subsequently, I was awarded my first patent and assigned the technology to an enterprise I cofounded that manufactured and distributed the product. I eventually achieved eleven US & worldwide patents - all relate to processes for cleaning “dry clean only” clothes at home in a household clothing dryer. It became a new and well recognized consumer packaged goods category and is still available in many grocery stores, War-Mart, etc. I’m proud of this project and very thankful it got me back on solid ground.

Rayvon Reynolds: Personal

I'm a person of devout faith. I believe in God and I'm never ashamed to pray openly: offering thanks and/or seeking wisdom. I believe my success is rooted in my faith and I'm on a God-given quest. I consider no challenge impossible as long as I'm internally inspired by God to achieve it. I almost never absorb stress beyond a single day since my many blessings far outweigh any trial. Faced tough challenges: was once homeless and destitute. I understand the difference between a challenging moment - and a truly "bad day". I don't dwell upon negative aspects from my past: never subscribed to the idea of paying interest on a loan that's already fully paid.

I don't use a rear view mirror. I live for today and reach for tomorrow. Believe that's all I'm assured each morning.